What all the Hip Landscapers are Wearing this Season

Ben recently got a pair of Duluth’s Fire Hose pants, and he couldn’t be happier with the comfort and durability they provide. They’ve got double the thread count of regular work pants, so they’re twice as strong. Duluth’s special treatment ensures most stains will be repelled. All in all, these trousers are meant to take on whatever landscaping job Ben throws at them.


Fire Hose pants come in all the great landscaping colors, namely brown and green. Too hot for summer? No worries, Duluth also makes a stylish pair of Fire Hose shorts as well.

The pants were a gift from Ben’s dad John. Ben is notorious for going through pants and shoes in less than a month, and Michelle was having a hard time finding a pair of trousers durable enough to go through the wear and tear of landscaping.

To that end, we’ve accepted the Duluth challenge to try and wear them out. Think you have a job too tough for Ben and his pants? Give Algiere’s a call and put us to the test!

To find out more about Duluth workwear, visit their website here: