Our New Team Member is Out of this World!

Big Al joins the Team at Algiere’s


A few weeks ago, Helen, our blogging expert, moved to Michigan to join her husband Gavin, who works for Jackson National Life Insurance in Lansing. One of the coolest things they discovered about their new home was Homr, a robot who works at Gavin’s office delivering the mail. It got us thinking, why don’t we have a robot working for Algiere’s?


After pouring over the resumes of many android applicants, we decided to add Big Al to our team. Big Al is a robot who can provide support for Michelle in the office, and does double duty as a playmate for little Audrey. Welcome Big Al to the Algiere’s family!

Large stuffed robot on the couch

Heeeereeeeee’s Big Al!!!!!!!!!!


Big Al made the move to Connecticut from Grinchybot Town, a wonderful place in the state of Sarah Marshall Edmond’s Imagination. To help him learn more about his new home, we at Algiere’s would like to invite Big Al to visit other local businesses in the region. We’ll then snap a photo of Big Al and post it on our Facebook page. Our followers then get to play Spot the Bot! and whoever can guess correctly where Big Al is will be entered to win a gift certificate from that business between five and twenty five dollars in value.


This is a great way to make Big Al feel welcome in his new home, as well as promote our neighbors, the other small businesses in Eastern Connecticut!


To get started, like us on Facebook:




To learn more about Grinchybots visit the Etsy shop:



And just for fun, check out Homr at work!