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Need help finding the perfect gift? We can do that!


christmas-gift (Photo credit: top10things)

Thanksgiving is just a week away, and our thoughts are turned to turkey, mashed potatoes, football, and Black Friday! While making your list and checking it twice, you’ll probably find that one uncle you can never find anything for, your mom who insists she doesn’t need anything, and that sibling who hates everything you buy them. Stuck on ideas? Algiere’s can help!


Consider buying a gift certificate for landscaping services for that hard to shop for relative or friend. They can use it to purchase services like mowing, spring planting, and landscaping design services. Whatever they need, we at Algiere’s can do that!

As one of the premiere landscaping companies in Eastern Connecticut to offer organic lawn care options, our business is growing, and we’d love to have you grow along with us! So give us a call this holiday season, and get those difficult names crossed off your holiday shopping list in a jiffy! Call 860-376-2895 or email us at



How to Protect Your Lawn from Severe Weather

Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead [Front Street 9]

Don’t let the next big storm undo all the hard work you put into your yard! (Photo credit: Brian Birke)



Superstorm Sandy has hit Southeastern Connecticut harder than we’ve been struck in over fifty years. While we clean up the limbs and fallen trees, rake up the debris from our yards, and pray that our spring bulbs are ok under the ground, you may be wondering, “what can I do to prepare my property from the next storm?” Well, we at Algiere’s Landscaping are glad you asked!


The first thing is to look around your property and put away anything that might be blown around. Not just the obvious things like the grills and the lawn chairs. Really look at your yard; do you have a dog house? Swings? Birdhouses? Put it all away, anything you can lift and carry, a 75 mph wind can pick up and put through your window.


Next, take a walk and take stock of your trees. Are there any dead limbs that should be removed? Any trees that appear to be in questionable health? Even if they didn’t come down this time around, it doesn’t mean that Sandy didn’t weaken it to the point that it’s a risk for next hurricane season. Pay the most attention to those trees closest to your house, garage, and any outbuildings you might have.


If the forecast is for a particularly cold storm, like a blizzard, you might want to consider digging your spring bulbs back up, especially the dahlias and gladiolas. Either way, protect your delicate perennials with some extra mulch before the snow and ice cover them over.


Don’t have the time? Think you’ll be too busy standing in line for the last gallon of milk  at Stop and Shop before the next storm? Not a problem, call Algiere’s and we’ll take care of protecting your garden from the harsh weather for you. Remember, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”