Hello Helleborus!

Helleborus HelleborusOrientalis


Last time we talked a bit about perennials and how some of them might not make it through a rough winter. You might be wondering if there’s something new in the market. Something that’ll brighten up your garden all summer long and into the fall. Something not just pretty, but functional too.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the helleborus.

This gorgeous, water lily like shaped plant is both deer resistant and mole resistant. It’s toxicity means that it will repel pests from your whole garden, providing pretty protection. It comes in various shades of purple, which means not only is if functional, it’s fashion forward. Pantone’s color of the year is radiant orchid, a shade the lovely helleborus is happy to wear in the most stylish of landscaping.

Want to incorporate this excitingly different perennial to your existing landscape? Give Algiere’s a call, we’ll be happy to put a plan together just for you!