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Spring into Landscape Overhaul!!!

Time to Overhaul!

Time to Overhaul!


Spring is the perfect season to take a critical eye to your landscaping. Is your yard looking sloppy? Outdated? Overworked? Maybe it’s time to contact a professional landscaper like Algiere’s and design a plan to clean up and update.

The first thing to think about for any large project is to set a realistic budget. Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Curb appeal, the front yard, should be a priority, but make sure that you have established a relationship with your landscape artist; you don’t want to sign a contract with someone that in the end you can’t trust. Remember, it’s your yard and you shouldn’t have to pay more than you feel comfortable with, or purchase things you don’t like. Deal with someone who will sit down with you, take the time to ensure that there aren’t any underlying problems, like pest infestations or poor quality soil, that have to be dealt with first.

Think a professional like this is too good to be true? Check out Angie’s List for someone in your area. While you’re there, check out the reviews our clients have posted about Algiere’s. Then if you like what you see, give us a call first.

Retaining Walls, Not Just for Leveling Your Yard



Need a retaining wall, but afraid you’ll end up with an ugly slab of concrete as a focal point? Not to worry, we’ve come a long way in materials and design when it comes to retaining walls. A retaining wall helps to hold back the laws of gravity, keeping the soil in your yard stable and preventing erosion. The material you chose to build your retaining wall from is very important. Different sizes may work on the same laws of physics, but precast concrete can come in many gorgeous colors and designs. No boring slabs here! Interlocking blocks of concrete can give you the beauty of natural stone with the affordability of concrete. A product we love to use is Bradstone by Nickelock, which looks and feels like real stone with the strength of a pre-engineered product.

So a retaining wall can be functional, but it can also be beautiful. In addition to creating a raised planting bed for you, it can also add value to your home by increasing curb appeal. Or, you can use the leveled area to create a patio space or expand your yard. Whatever you decide to do with your retaining wall, one thing is for sure. It’ll be a lot lovelier than a pile of dirt or a sink hole in your yard. Why wait? Call Algiere’s today to set up a design consultation.