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Water Management


In the summer time, when we can have days and days of extreme heat, it’s very important to maintain water supplies for your lawn and garden. What can you do when water supplies are low or the rain is refusing to fall? There are lots of DIY projects you can do to keep your landscaping happy and healthy.

Water Barrel

Rain barrels are an easy fix, you can find rain barrel kits at Lowes or Home Depot or make them on your own using plans on Youtube or the DIY network. Plan for the summer all year long, using fifty five barrels to store plenty of water for the dry months, just make sure to include drainage holes near the top for overflow.

Another great way to control your water needs is to use container gardening. Planting in containers will limit the amount of water you need. Containers don’t need to be expensive either, you can get creative and use discarded building supplies, like gutters, which are very popular right now.

Gutter Garden

Summer time is vacation time, but don’t feel like you have to stay at home to water the plants. Fill 2 liter soda bottles or wine bottles with water and revert them into the ground nearby where you need water most. Your plants will soak up what they need leaving you to enjoy your free time and the gorgeous weather!

Wine bottle Water

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Give us a call at Algiere’s! We’ll put a plan together for you and help you keep up a routine of water management all year long.


For directions on how to build the heavy duty rain barrel above, check out this website:

For a how to guide to build a self watering veggie table, click here:

All Aboard the Warrior Dash!

We at Algiere’s take our work seriously, but we rarely take ourselves as seriously as the care we take with your lawn care needs.

This year we’re kicking off a campaign of goofiness with Michelle and the boys participating in the Connecticut Warrior Dash on September 20, 2014. Not only does it give us a chance to let off some steam, it gives us a chance to promote healthy living and exercise. Things have gotten competitive, with some smack talk on who is stronger, Michelle or the boys?

Like the Algiere’s page at to join in the fun and cheer for your favorite side. For more information on the Warrior Dash, you can visit the website at