Patios, walkways, and retaining walls

Patios, walkways, water gardens and retaining walls,  contact us for a free consultation and estimate at 860-376-2895 or email us at Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Ben began building his first sidewalk when he was a toddler using his Tonka truck. This first hardscape can still be seen today at his parents’  house. If you ask him how long he’s been landscaping, he could honestly answer “forever.” Beginning at an early age, his parents instilled in him a solid work ethic and artistic sense. He has taken care of and shaping the land for as long as he can remember. Around 2001,  he joined Glorious Gardens where he started to learn how to install hardscapes. Ben says the biggest part is following the manufacturer’s directions and using a good product. However, it is the precision these installations require and Ben’s nature “to do it and do it well” that has allowed him to have a successful career so far.

Curb appeal doesn’t just end with a beautiful garden just outside your front door. Your home is your oasis. Let Algiere Landscaping help make your personal environment the place you love to be.

Advantages to using pavers:
-once installed they do not crack like asphalt or poured cement can
– any landscaping adds not only to your personal enjoyment of your home but can also increase the re-sale value
exceptionally low maintenance
– resists deterioration from the freeze/ un-freeze better than asphalt or poured concrete
– huge selection of eye-catching colors and patterns to suit your personal style

Retaining walls create a well-defined area in your yard and help with soil erosion. They also add accent and a focal point to your landscaping. Using a pre engineered concrete block system has many benefits including  a wide choice of colors, shapes and sizes to work with your personal taste.

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