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Focal Points Made Easy


Last time we discussed different styles of gardens, and mentioned details such as fountains, sculpture, and shrubbery. While these elements look great in the background, sometimes you want something special to catch the eye that ties all of your landscaping plans together. This is the focal point, and choosing one can be easy when you have an experienced landscaper like Algiere’s to help.

The important thing is to keep everything in perspective. What is your budget like? Is your priority something large, or do you want to spread the money around? Do you prefer a plant or architectural focal point? How much time do you have for maintenance, do you want something that requires a lot of work, or would you prefer something more low maintenance? Consider your style of house and any elements you already have. You don’t want to clash or have anything stick out inappropriately.



It might seem overwhelming, but a good landscaper will sit you down and ask the right questions to get the answers. For example, we might ask if you prefer lilies or daisies. It might seem simple, but the answer tells us a lot about you and your sense of style. Lilies are a more formal flower, while daisies take center stage in a more cottage style of gardening. We will show you pictures of different kinds of plantings and styles of gardens. We can accommodate anyone, whether traditional or more eclectic and funky. Just give us a call!


Pictures for this week’s blog were taken in the Abbey Gardens in Culross, Scotland. The modern sculptures are by the British artist Julia Francis. For more information on her work, you can email her at julia@themercatgallery.com or visit her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/JFSculptures. 


Welcome to the Team!


A few of you may have noticed the gorgeous photograph last week of Ben planting a smooch on Michelle’s belly. We loved that photo so much, we’ve asked the photographer, Jenn Frazer, to join the team and take professional photographs for the website!


Jenn started her photography business in 1999 in Southeastern Connecticut. She studied at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. While she specializes in events, she’s also taken some great scenic photographs, including street scenes, landscapes, and farm and wildlife. She’s now seeking to expand her business into more commercial photography.


We at Algiere’s Landscaping feel this broad range of expertise will lend itself well to both photographs of completed jobs as well as those of Ben at work. We’re very excited by this new arrangement, and hope that it will lend an even greater level of professionalism to our website.


If you’d like to hire Jenn for your business or an event, or see more examples of her fantastic work, please visit her website at: